Collar with Nose Hook

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Master Series

This unique humiliation piece offers an ideal opportunity for control and restraint. Attached to a standard leather collar, the nose hook is designed to keep your sub standing at attention, eyes forward, head back. The hook will keep their head wrenched back into place, however it is possible for your partner to wiggle their way free. This adds an extra dimension of control, restraint not only of a physical nature but a mental one as well. Your sub is required to obey your commands even through discomfort. You can decide their punishment if they let the hook slip free! This devious piece is designed to restrict their movement and requires them to hold their posture- or else!

Collar with Nose Hook Specifications:

Measurements: Collar: Fits necks up to 17.5 inches in circumference; Nose strap: 20 inches in length

Material: Man made leather, metal

Color: Black

Customer Reviews

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House Slave
When my owner started

When my owner started putting me in the strict leather neck/wrist restraint (which is fantastic), I had a tendency to hang my head. Owner wants my head up to show off my perky c-cups. With the nose hook, I don't bend my head down. I do get bent over so that my pussy can be used. I love this hook because he now shows me off in the restraint and the collar/nose hook! I love being shown off. I am humiliated as his men and women friends talk about me as if I was not there. I love it more when they fondle my nipples and probe my pussy. I can wear both of these devices for hours.

Sherry Slave
Master Joe said that

Master Joe said that I had a tendency to hang my head and droop my body when being led. With this collar and your arm binders, my head is held high and my 34 Ds stick out. Master Joe says I look like a proud slave rather than a beaten woman. He likes to whip me in front of his friends and my former girlfriends. I say former girlfriends, because they now use me as a slave too. I stand straight and tall through all of the whipping and the humuliation of having my nipples pinched and my holes fingered as they talk about me like a peice of whore meat.