Rosebud Urethral Sounds Kit

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Rosebud Sounds are very unique and very effective in urethral stimulation. The bud-like tip causes a highly sensitive, centralized feeling as it slips in and out! Eight 30 cm long fine steel shafts topped with a rosebud or bullet shaped tip in various sizes from approximately 1.6mm to 13mm in diameter included in this set. The sounds are protected in a velvet-lined zipper case.

Rosebud Urethral Sounds Kit Specifications:

Measurements: 11.75 inches in length

Material: Steel

Color: Grey

Note: 8 sounds of varying diameters included

Size Conversion Chart

Customer Reviews

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When this arrived i w

When this arrived i was really nervous. The first size fit easily but i was amazed at the sensation of my partner sliding this up and down whilst stroking me. The most amazing sensation i have ever experienced. 1 disappointment that the packcontained 2 size 9 and no size 8. Ill get over it awesome buy strongly recommended[ Editor's Note: You don't have to accept disappointment. If anything is found wrong with your product in the first 30 days you can contact our customer service and they'll make it right. ]

Don S.
anyone use the big so

anyone use the big sounds? i have been usuing the large ones and got it all the way in not a problem. has anyone else notice the veins on the side of there penis getting larger and staying that way also i notice the size of my penis seems to have gotten bigger maybe from strecthing the uretha usuing the larger sounds. resposes welcomed!! i just dont want a vessel exploding have fun but be careful and sterilize...

Placed our order on M

Placed our order on Monday, had it on Wed. We have never tried urethral play before but, WOW, tried it last night and wished we would have known about this years ago. The feeling if described in one word would be " Amazing". My wife was quite gentle and surprised, as was I, at how easy these slide in and how much pleasure is gained by very little movements. I blew the biggest load either of us has ever seen, and the orgasm lasted longer than anything I can remember.. After seeing that, She's ready to try one for herself now.

Birthday Boy
Okay, gotta admit tha

Okay, gotta admit that I thought everyone writing reviews for this product were full of crap. But then to my surprise I received this set in the mail today, the day before my cinco de mayo birthday. And I was scared to death when I opened the set and noticed the smallest sized rosebud sound appeared HUGE! So after some hesitation, I finally got the bravery and placed some surgical grade lube that wifey purchased from this site. Wifey had to do some starter head to help me overcome the fear. Once she got me hard and turned on, I began to introduce the rosebud to my 'virgin' dickhole. Gotta say that the very entrance stung a bit like a burning sensation. And then amazingly the sound slid in super easy. It still takes a while to get used to this very surgical-looking apparatus sliding into your most vulnerable parts. Well, as a skeptic I didn't thick the product would "work". But then something magical happened. As wifey was kissing me from my backside and playing and twisting my man-nips, I was stroking my shaft and the sensation of the sound was making intense feelings. There was this building pressure like I had to come, and building and building. The intensity was unlike anything

Lou P.
These are really grea

These are really great. I started with the smallest and worked my way up to the middle size; had no trouble at all getting the "bullet" into my bladder. Wow! Talk about orgasms! Well worth the money.