Strict Leather 4 Foot Leash

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Strict Leather

Tighten the hold on your partner with this 4 foot leash from Strict Leather. Measures 4 feet in length and is 1/2 inch wide and is made from high quality latigo leather. The leash has a loop on one end for easy handling and storage. On the other end is a snap hook to attach to a D-ring on a collar or other objects.

Strict Leather 4 Foot Leash Specifications:

Measurements: 4 feet in length, 0.5 in width

Material: Leather, metal

Color: Black

Note: Includes leash only. Additional accessories sold separately

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Pet Wife
My husband took me ou

My husband took me out to a restaurant that had outdoor seating. He asked the hostess if pets were allowed. She gave me a nasty look and told him only if I am well behaved. She seated us at the edge of the patio so that anyone walking past would see me. I had to kneel beside him at the table. The waitress brought a bowl of water and a bowl of mashed potatoes. I had to eat with no hands. My husband would occasionally wipe my face with his napkin. He tied my leash to the table and went to the restroom. Several people walked past and petted me on my head. I was so humiliated.

My master puts me in

My master puts me in this whenever I'm bad. He uses it with a really strict posture collar and a dildo gag to keep my cum hole from making noise. He uses it pull me around the house and when he finds a spot he like he fucks me for hours. One time he kept me in it for days and just left tied to his bed. Of course he left me tied up with a vibrator up to my cunt hole.

Fuck Love
I like being cheeky.

I like being cheeky. I unclip the snaphook on the leash and run. Master no padlocks the leash instead. He gags me too. Love it

Very soft leather. us

Very soft leather. used across the bottom feels wonderful and its soft sided length is gentle enough when pulled between the lips

Ben Carter
my girlfried used it

my girlfried used it on me and iv never had so much fun in my life im always by her side