Strict Leather Female Chastity Belt

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Strict Leather

Sitting low at the waist, this belt gives you more of a modern design. Waist belt is adjustable up to 40 inches and creates great support for the middle strap. Middle strap was designed to have wide ends that cover the vaginal and anal opening and a thin middle piece that is contoured to the female body for a more comfortable and superior fit and feel.

Strict Leather Female Chastity Belt Specifications:

Measurements: Adjustable up to 40 inches in circumference

Material: Leather, metal

Color: Black

Note: Locks not included

Customer Reviews

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I love this chastity

I love this chastity belt! I'm very much the sub in my marriage & love the feeling of domination I get when Hubby locks me into it. Hubby was new to the BDSM world but w/ some encouragement & a good toy chest, he's come into his role of dominator so amazingly. He now loves telling me to put on my collar & insert a plug into my Ass so we can go out for the evening... Usually w/ this belt on as well. The first wear was a bit uncomfortable but we since found the perfect settings. Great product!

It is a really nice d

It is a really nice device. My mistress keeps me locked in this chastity belt for a while. First the toilette things caused problems because of the permanent locking but she found out I could use diapers to solve it. Nowadays I have to wear diapers days and nights and she locked it on me by this belt. It proved to be rather secure solution. Eventually the chastity belt and the diaper support each others...

bv ca
I hate being locked u

I hate being locked up in this belt but my husband told me he new I was screwing another guy up until our wedding so this is what I get for being a whore. On our wedding night we had great sex and then I was spanked with his belt until I cried. He then put me in this belt and told me he was now the whore master. I receive hand spanking alot and the belt when I am bad. I have now been locked up for six months and know I will never be released. He only takes it off for my shower and releases the front and back for sex and the bathroom. I am locked up for work and any time we go out of the house. My pussy still dips and gets wet everytime I see a hot guy or girl because I know I will never have them. I'm not sure if anybody can tell I have this on but I really don't care if they do because I have to please my husband who is totally my master.

Al S.
A Female friend of mi

A Female friend of mine has this, and Loves it! However, as a 'Chastiy Belt' for HER, it DOES prevent _Intercourse_, but still allows Her to 'Pleasure Herself' - In fact She sometimes tucks a Bullet inside, and goes off 'Hands Free'! You can't realistcly use this to eliminate Her pleasure (without tightening to the point of injury!), AND you can't prevent Her 'Cheating' with someone else - Her mouth and hands can still 'Satisfy' someone else. Adding a locking Gag & Wrist Restraints can help, but..... On the Other Hand?: Add some D-Rings, and you have the start of a Harnes - In fact, when used with a Standard Body Harness, it makes Suspension 'More Interesting'! ...and Reduces Straps 'Digging in'! --- For Guys: I'm into 'Tucking' (my C&B), and Cross-Dressing; My friend helped Me 'Tuck', and Locked this on ME (MALE!) , and it was very 'Feminizing', and VERY Comfortable for Me! _Smile_! Keeps Everything 'In Place'! Adding a 'Strap-On' OVER This, and She 'Forced' Me to Satisfy Her, without ANY Stimulation (at least Physical_g_!) for Me, and preventing Any Possibility of a Hard-On! With Me 'Properly Restrained', she 'Raped Me' (Rode me like a Sybian!), and all could do was