Strict Leather Four Buckle Suspension Cuffs

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Strict Leather

For the serious suspension bondage enthusiast, these cuffs are the ultimate in security and comfort. Start with the generously padded wrist wraps that your sub can wear for longer periods of time without skin irritation or chafing. Then there are the thick, sturdy, 5-notch fully adjustable straps which can be locked down to be sure that there is no chance of escape. There are three heavy-duty D-rings attached to the straps that allow you a variety of possibilities for arranging your suspension scene. Of course, this piece of equipment is completely crafted from the high-quality, durable leather that you can count on from Strict Leather.

Strict Leather Four Buckle Suspension Cuffs Specifications:

Measurements: Cuff inner circumference range from 5 to 8 inches

Material: Leather, Metal

Color: Black

Note: Locks sold separately, Price includes both cuffs, left and right

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Hung Trophy Wife Slave
My owner and husband

My owner and husband likes to display his trophy wife in slave fashion. He orders me to dress in my leather slave collar with only whore stockings/garter and shelf bra. Then he carefully locks me in these cuffs for my suspension. He is careful to adjust the just right, so that they fit comfortably on me. Because they are sooo comfortable, he can hang his trophy wife slave for as long as he likes. This may seem like some kind of torture; but for me, it isn't. It can be humuliating, but that just adds to the sexual tension of being hung dressed like a whore and awaiting my sexual fate. I start lubricating immediately and continue until taken down and used. As he lets my feet barely touch the ground, I can stay fastened and hung for hours. I love these cuffs! And the humuliation. That happens when he touches me and comments on my reaction. It got especially intense last weekend, when he let in a couple we both know to see me hanging there. It made me so hot, that I was dripping as they touched me. It made all of them hot too. They had MFM sex right in front of me. I wanted to get loose and join in, but I had to wait until my owner was ready for me to be used by all of them. What