Strict Leather Gates of Hell Chastity Device

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Strict Leather

This three piece chastity device offers the security of steel and comfort of leather. The gates of hell cock cage goes over the penis. One leather locking strap secures around the cock and balls and another around the ball sack. Each strap secures to the gates of hell cage with a padlock. Each strap has 6 sizing slots to ensure a secure fit. This is not only effective, but impressive looking.

This package includes two leather straps and a gates of hell cock cage.

Strict Leather Gates of Hell Chastity Device Specifications:

Measurements: 1.5 inch diameter for the biggest ring, base of cock, while the smaller ring, head ring, is 1.25 inches in diameter. The rings as a whole, measures 3 inches in length.

Note: This device requires two padlocks to function properly.

Customer Reviews

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I was not happy with

I was not happy with this device at all. It did not stay secure, even on the tightest settings (which was rather painful for me) and I easily slipped out the back once I was soft. Even after modifying it slightly to be more secure, it did not render me helpless when it came to touching or freeing myself at all. It came off on it's own. For my part, I worked to ensure it's security, rather than see if I could defeat it. I will say, the pressure of the rings while I grew partially erect felt amazing. I loved the feel of it, I was just very dissapointed in it's security.

Morris Durant
My domme fitted this

My domme fitted this onto me yesterday excellent fit comfortable no complaints and I cant get it off as she has the keys and lives thirty miles away.

Brian Roberts
i've been wearing thi

i've been wearing this wonderful gadget nonstop for a month now and i must say my nuts have never been bluer. God...they've been numb for so long and i f'n love it. I mean nothing says sexy like numb blue balls. I love erupting over my partners face with this on. I have recently purchased a "trampoline with a hole in it for my weener" and must say the fit has never been tighter. God I love asian men.

Chris DC
My girl loves this de

My girl loves this device on me! I am required to wear it at all times, it fits snug everywhere she wants it to. I look on her face when I walk through the door every night is amazing.

Took awhile to get it

Took awhile to get it on correctly. If you have small balls, well it is pretty easy to slip off even at the tightest setting. While it is on, feels nice, especially inside underwear. I wouldn't really recommend as a serious chastity device, but a fun feel good toy.