Strict Leather Male Butt Plug Harness

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Strict Leather

The Strict Leather Male Butt Plug Harness gives you the best of both worlds, a raging hard-on and anal pleasure all at the same time. This harness has a 2 inch nickel-plated steel cock ring, that will have you plowing your partner for hours! This harness also comes with a small anal plug pouch that will hold a small butt plug so you can tickle your prostate at the same time! Watch out when wearing this harness for mind blowing orgasms! Waist and Anal Plug harness are both adjustable making this harness the perfect fit.

Strict Leather Male Butt Plug Harness Specifications:

Measurements: Cock ring: 2 inches in diameter; Harness: Adjustable from 28 to 40 inches in circumference; Plug holder: Fits plugs with a base up to 1 inch in diameter

Material: Leather, metal

Color: Black

Note: Plug sold separately

Customer Reviews

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Overall a great harne

Overall a great harness. Very good for long term wearing. The ring it comes with was a little too tight for me, but I replaced it with a ring from a strap-on set that was a little larger and it's good now. The only other downside is the pouch for the plug has a very small opening that none of my toys will fit through and even then it would only fit at the narrowest girth of them; I'd suggest making the opening adjustable. My solution: I don't put the plug in the pouch. It still keeps the plug firmly in place.

big cock
i bought this harness

i bought this harness along with the super inflatable butt plug. i cut a small hole in the leather where the rubber hose will go through and all you do is disconnect the sqeeze bulb and slide the rubber hose through and the connect the sqeeze bulb back on and then its on!!!!! strap it in tight!!!!!! then pump it up and see how many pumps you can go before you start to whine!!!! i can go 35 pumps for about 5 mins. before i have to let the air out of it. i have slept with it in a few times :-) It will not pop out no matter how many pumps you pump it , the harness does a excellent job keeping the huge plug it :-)))

So Bad
Bought this the other

Bought this the other day, and when it arrived, tried it immediatly. The size chart says good to 40" waist. I am a 38, and had to add two holes. It is a really tight fit. But over-all great buy. Extreme needs to offer a larger/smaller back belt. This model is to size restrictive.[ Editor's Note: We had a team member pull and measure the harness, twice. It came in at 41.5 inches. I hate to say this, but you might want to measure your waist. Your pants may very well be lying to you thanks to vanity sizing. ]

I've had mine for abo

I've had mine for about four years now, and it has held up perfectly! I'm not a hardcore fetish type of guy but I do like anal/prostate stimulation, and I quickly found that plugs like to wander when you do anything but sit on them. Enter the plug harness! The cock-ring that comes with the harness can be easily swapped out for a bigger or smaller one depending on your needs. When tightened properly, it will keep your plug securely where it belongs while you go about your business. Since cumming tends to make your ass muscles clench on the plug, the harness will push right back- which makes for some intense sensations. I've had some of my best orgasms while securely plugged with this harness on!

Good Times Lover
THis is a great harne

THis is a great harness, works really well, fully adjustable, made of quality leather. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a harness to keep toys in place!