Strict Leather Neck-Wrist Restraint

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Strict Leather

The Strict Leather Neck to Wrist Restraint is an affordable, effective bondage device. It forces the wearer in a more rigid position than traditional behind the back restraints. It is adjustable by means of rolling buckles.

Strict Leather Neck-Wrist Restraint Specifications:

Measurements: Adjustable to fit necks 14-20 inches in circumference

Material: Leather, metal

Color: Black

Customer Reviews

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I bought this device

I bought this device awhile ago and decided it was time to send in a review. I used it on my husband of 20 years. What I like about it is it serves as a restraint, but also as a punishment device depending upon how tight I adjust the vertical strap. By tightening it I raise his arms up higher on his back which also put pressure on his neck making it very uncomfortable for longer restraint times. I love to restrain in while I go out for a period of time which really excites him. For example last winter I told him was going to a ladies fellowship dinner at a friend Church. I dressed up in my long black wool skirt,black knee high boots and a nice tight white turtleneck sweater accented by a black leather belt.. This conservative look drives my husband nuts. After restraining him, I left walked him down to the basement and using a change and clip that hangs from the wood in the ceiling I clipped it on the collar portion. I then removed his chastity device. As my red manicured nails unlocked and released his penis, it just sprang to life. Of course I manipulated him to near orgasm and stopped and walked up the stairs. The sight on his face of frustration was priceless. He seems to e

Holly James
I'm kind of new to th

I'm kind of new to the bondage thing but my boyfriend put me in this plus a blindfold and spent a couple of hours teasing me with vibes and his tongue and cock. It was great! After i'd cum about 8 times pushed me to my knees, firmly grabbed me head and face fucked me until he came in my mouth!

Master Payne
Well worth the price-

Well worth the price-very high quality. These are excellent for transporting and controling slaves. I used these to take the now ex-husband of a slave couple that I trained to a slave auction in this device. He was powerless to resist, and I was able to direct him around by holding the back strap. I even kept complete control when I whipped his ass so that they could see how big he was erect. The gay master that bought him gave me an extra hundred to keep the device.