Strict Leather Silicone Bit Gag

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Strict Leather Silicone Bit Gag

Strict Leather

Keep your slave quiet with this gag. These gags are usually used during pony play, but serve as a regular gag just as well. While some gags are not comfortable enough for everyone, this sleek bit gag is a delight to wear. Since the gag is made from silicone it has no odor or taste.

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Mr. E Mr.E
To all the Dominant's

To all the Dominant's out there that like a drooling submissive, this is the gag you are looking for. That is unless you stuff the underwear that the submissive was wearing in that drooling hole there is behind the Bit Gag. The Silicone is fantastic with a whole lot less health issue's most of the time.

Slut Wife
I've found that this

I've found that this is much more comfortable to wear than the ball gags which are usually too big for my mouth. I am able to make more sounds through this than a ball, so my husband just stuffs my panties in my mouth behind this.

This is my favorite g

This is my favorite gag! Mistress likes to lock it on me and kiss me with it on, I'm still able to use my tongue in any way she sees fit. It doesn't keep you quiet but it discourages you from talking because of how much it makes your words not understandable(which I find hotter than being completely silenced). I also bite down on it as a reliever if she gives me something that is rather intense for me to handle.

barbie annie farias
i'm sitting here in m

i'm sitting here in my pony tail but plug and pony bit gag my master got this for me so that we can pony play he also whips me like a pony and if i buck him off he a goood whipping i love acting like a pony because i like pain like a pony also likes pain

My wife and I went to

My wife and I went to a kinky club and she took me to the middle of the floor and told me to strip and get on all fours, every one was watching me as I took all my clothes off and got on my hands and knees, she put this and some straps on me and then a horse tail butt plug and everyone watched her ride me around the club all night.