The Jail House Chastity Device

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Experience the power play of keeping your partner under lock and key! Lock up his most intimate areas in the Jail House Chastity Device for an exciting exchange of dominance and submission as well as erotic anticipation. In this device he will not be able to achieve a complete erection, but you will be able to tease, please, and seduce him. Choose one of the three different-sized rings that fits him best and place it over the cock and balls, behind the scrotum. Fit the chastity cage over the penis and then secure the ring and cage together with the included padlock. A perfect addition to your bondage collection, he will not be able to get you off his mind when he is wearing this sexy chastity device!

The Jail House Chastity Device Specifications:

Measurements: Chastity cage is approx. 3.25 inches long, 1.5 inches wide, and 4.5 inches in circumference; small ring measures approx. 1.5 inches inside diameter; medium ring measures approx. 1.75 inches inside diameter; and large ring measures approx. 2 inches inside diameter.

Material: Stainless Steel.

Note: Includes padlock with two keys and a velvet carrying pouch.

Customer Reviews

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I was placed in the j

I was placed in the jail house chastity device today. My wife holds the keys. While the device is comfortable, I want out of it. I have tried several times to get out. I cannot! I am stuck waiting for my wife to forgive me for cheating. Warning, if you do not like the idea of chastity do not let someone lock you. The key holder will hold your fate. This thing works too well.

Sunny Joy
My wife bought this c

My wife bought this cage in April 2012 and since then she has kept me locked 24x7. This is the best cage for many reasons * Strong, no splitting * No escape (unless your dick is too small * No need to remove for cleaning * Excellent ventilation * Rust proof Only drawback is passing through security gates Of course my wife has bought a plastic cage for air travel BEST CAGE I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS, WITH 3 YEARS BEING LOCKED IN IT

Scott V.
I have a girlfriend w

I have a girlfriend who is really paranoid about me fucking around on her all the time and it's starting to cause problems in our relationship because it gets old fast when your always being accused of something your not doing. I was talking to a friend of mine from school who had the same problem, and he told me he fixed it with one of these devices, at first I thought he was full of shit but then he gave me this website address and told me to check out the Jailhouse, and when I read a review from another guy who was is the same boat as me and how it helped him I started to think maybe there is something to this, so I thought about it for a while and decided to give it a try. My girl and I don't live together, so when the device arrived on Saturday morning I had plenty of time to try it on and check it out before she came over Saturday night, it really was not bad at all! a nice fit and pretty comfortable to wear, this thing was obviously designed by a MALE engineer, I even tried wearing it under my clothes to go get some lunch and almost forgot it was there on the way home. So on Sunday morning I got up, showered and put the Jailhouse on then walked out of the bathroom naked a

John Fritter
I just put my jail ho

I just put my jail house cage on monday and I have not taken if off since. I plan to wear it 24/7/365. I love the way it feels especially on my balls. It is a real teaser when I have sex with another man. The first guy got so turned on he cam all over my cage. I sure cannot get an erection or cum, but it is great to tease yourself. I highly recommend the jail house device.

So far the best male

So far the best male chastity device out there. My wife started locking me "manhood" 6 years ago and I tried some of the plastic ones out there and it is not comfortable. Then my wife upgrade to Stainless Steel Chastity Cock Cage and it did not work because it always pinch my scrotum on the bottom and my dick on top. So we decided to try The Jail House. It was very comfortable, i try to ride it out for a few days then my wife decided to add the anti-slip device. As long as I'm flaccid it doesn't hurt but if I get a morning wood or excited it feels like hell. The only problem I have is wearing it winter time when my balls try to shrink inside me, which at times can be annoying. I'm constantly on my feet at work for 12 hours (nurse) and this device is very comfortable. I've been on this device for 8 days now but get freed every night before we go to bed but my wife handcuffs me to the headboard of our bed so I can't play with my penis.