Wartenburg Wheel With Sheath

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Kink Industries

Test the limits of sensitivity play with this classic Wartenburg wheel. Run this premium spiked wheel across the skin and other highly treasured areas for an exciting prickle of pleasure. Made of stainless steel and deviously designed with a row of evenly spaced sharp pins that turn smoothly as it rolls across the flesh, it is ideally designed for intense, exquisite pleasure. Take it to the next level with a little temperature play...the slick material can be warmed or cooled for an extra spike of sensation.

Wartenburg Wheel With Sheath Specifications:

Measurements: 7 inches in total length, wheel measures 1.2 inches in diameter

Material: Stainless steel

Color: Grey

Customer Reviews

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argon blade
tried them last nite.

tried them last nite. pet liked them...but she said they tickled...idk cuz the welds were pretty real...good times ...

Burning Star
I just received mine

I just received mine in the mail today and I'm far from being disappointed, I sat and played with it all afternoon! My only issue was that the sheath it came in wasn't wide enough and I tore it pulling out the pinwheel. Its not something I'm broke up about but it would have been nice for storage.

Sado Masochist
I've had one for year

I've had one for years, it is wonderful and stimulates the pleasure senses beautifully. When I first pull it out they are afraid until I glide it gently across their "sensitive" areas.

Mistress Fang
This wheel is a must

This wheel is a must have! When i first got it hubby was a bit afraid of it and wailed when I lightly ran it along his arm. He was amazed at just how much pleasure I experienced from him using this device on me. So one night I tied him up and blindfolded him so that he would have to use only his sense of touch and he absolutely LOVED it! It's such a simple device but has so many different ways of use! Definite must have.

The Wartenburg Wheel

The Wartenburg Wheel is a delightfully naughty little medical fetish toy that has quickly risen through the ranks to become one of my favorite sensation toys of all! It was originally used to test nerve responses in psychiatric patients, but it has found a wonderful new place in the medical bags of many dirty doctors and nasty nurses. There are many ways that one can employ the Wartenburg Wheel as a divine torture device. It can be very lightly run across the skin for a tickling sensation, or with a bit more pressure, you can achieve the sensation of light pain and you can vary the pain by changing the pressure. The points can also be dragged across the skin, rather than rolled, for a sensation more like clawing. The pinpoints on the Wartenburg wheel are very sharp and it can become quit painful if it is repeatedly run over the same area. It doesn't actually take excessive pressure to draw blood or to leave visible marks, so that needs to be considered in some settings. I think this is a must have for anyone into fetish, medical, or sensation play. I couldn't imagine my toy box without an all-important Wartenburg wheel. With its variety of uses and the wide variety of sensations it