Zeus Electrosex Deep Intruder

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Zeus Electrosex

or a long time sex toys have been designed to stimulate those spots that send waves of pleasure coursing through your body. Thousands of devices have been made to rub, vibrate and massage those spots. Here at Zeus Electrosex, we believe there is a better way. Rather than rub those pleasure centers from the outside, our toys send a small current right through them, directly stimulating them. Unlike the electric current that most people are familiar with, ours stimulates the nerves, creating what can be pleasant sensations. Essentially, Zeus Electrosex products make you vibrate from the inside out. Not only can this be incredibly arousing, but many users have been able to achieve hands free orgasms. Stimulate your partner with a deep thrust and electrical sensation. The Deep Intruder invades with its 9 inches of penetrating action and a convenient accessible handle. This toy works with all of our Zeus Power Units.

Zeus Electrosex Deep Intruder Specifications:

Measurements: 14.5 inches in total length, 9 insertable, 1.35 inches in circumference

Material: Metal, plastic

Color: Black

Note: Works with Zeus Power Boxes, sold separately

Customer Reviews

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Deep pleasure

I find this a fun toy at 73yrs not much works anymore, I am able to achieve an orgasm with this and a vibrator

Jennifer Peterson
We have been playing

We have been playing with electro stim for years. We love it. We have been waiting for a toy to get way up inside. It is a whole different feeling when you get shocked from within. It makes your orgasm much more intense. Timing the external & internal pulse it key. Big happy face Jennifer and Patty

cin xo
this is a ball buster

this is a ball buster ! We use lidocaine gel andvasoline first . When u can put in 4 fingers in the ass is prob ready. Make sure colon its clean , cause the intruder will cause contractions before and when u cum! Butt no big deal. Orgasms are here!

j io
intimidating at first

intimidating at first . Then put it in half way and connected it OOOO Hard as a nail . IT is rigid . But feels good all the way in your ass. An instant orgasm !!!!